Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Six Degrees of Hell" poster

"Six Degrees Of Hell" original size 27in x 41in

The "Eerie Horror Film Festival" was awesome for me this year. I made some very cool friends as a vendor. One of which is the producer of this film which is releasing this year titled, "Six Degrees Of Hell". I've only seen a rough cut thus far and while I cannot go into detail about the film. I can definitely say that it is very well done, has a great story, and some cool scares in it. Anyway, the producer I met, talked with me about my work and offered me a chance to do a graphic novel for this film. I've been working on it since then.
Last week however I put the comic on hold because he contacted me and asked if I would design the poster for the film. It took a while for us to find the right type of image for the film, but eventually he thought this was the winner. Hopefully the poster draws eager eyes to this film.

Here is the youtube channel for the film.

Enjoy guys!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dead Dick Hammer and the T.B.A. Show poster.

(Dead Dick Hammer and the T.B.A. poster) size 11in x 17in

Dick Hammer and I have been talking for a couple weeks now about having me do some artwork for the band. A few days ago he contacted me about commissioning a show poster for an upcoming Friday the 13th show in Kentucky. What was I going to say...NO?...haha. After a few concept sketches I came up with this. To which my Mother described as "quite a woman" when she saw it. There ya have it.

Here is a link to their page. Very groovy music from these guys.